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Hi, my name is Kristi. I am a photographer based out of Red Deer, AB. I began photographing my younger sister when I was 14 and my love for photography grew into a passion. I would dress her up as a fairy or a princess and we would spend hours in the woods creating photos.


When I was 18, I got my first paid photography job and the learning curve was steep! One cold Thanksgiving weekend, I went on a date.. with a very inspiring man named Josh; I didn’t know it at the time, but as my future husband and I walked around my hometown and talked about our goals and dreams, he convinced me to go full time in my business and follow my passion. I gave my notice at my healthcare job and took the plunge!


As I’ve grown in my photography I’ve fallen in love with the process of creating connections with people, hearing their stories of growth, and capturing their individuality through a single image. I feel the most inspired while working with creative entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses and need images that share a part of their unique personality, reflects their brand, what they are passionate about, and the spaces they create in.

If you are in need of a creative portrait that encapsulates your personal story, get in touch with me! And let’s begin the process of creating your unique portrait



2019 Applied Arts Student Award in Portraiture 





2019 The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - Graduated with Honours. Vancouver, Canada


2010 - The Online Photography Institute. Red Deer, AB, Canada


2009 - The Art of Photography. Red Deer, AB, Canada



Group and Solo Exhibits


May 2019 - Group Show - The Internation Anonymous Art Show 


May 2019 - Art Show - The Playground 


June 2019 - Current 100 Braid St. Studio 




2019 - Featured Photograph - Beatroute - Ride-on Bike Shop 


2019 - Featured Series - Elegant Magazine Volume 55 - No. 18  - Colour Me Happy


2018 - Featured Series - Elegant Magazine Volume 52 - No.7 - 70’s Fashion